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Joris-Karl Huysmans' shocking novel of an innocent's descent 

into a world of depraved, blasphemous rituals


Durtal, a shy, censorious man, is writing a biography of 

Gilles de Rais, the monstrous fifteenth-century child-

murderer thought to be the original for 'Bluebeard'. 

Bored and disgusted by the vulgarity of everyday life, 

Durtal seeks spiritual solace by immersing himself in 

another age. But when he starts asking questions about 

Gilles's involvement in satanic rituals and is introduced 

to the exquisitely evil madame Chantelouve, he is soon 

drawn into a twilight world of black magic and erotic 

devilry in fin-de- siècle Paris. Published in 1891, 

The Damned cemented Huysmans's reputation as 

a writer at the forefront of the avant-garde and as 

one of the most challenging and innovative 

figures in European literature.


Translated from the original French

Black & white interior
with white paper


Trim Size: 6 x 9 in

Page Count: 190


THE DAMNED (La Bas) - J.K Huysmann

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