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2014 - 2015


Red Gate Gallery, Beijing China

Mornington Peninsula Regional Museum, Victoria

“In ancient China, it was believed that by using the life-force energy of a victim as the energetic matrix of a hexing spell, a seasoned sorcerer could filter out the energetic cords attached to his or her own life-force energy, and reconnect the karma initiated from casting the hexagram onto the victim’s original spiritual energies or Yuan Shen. The sorcerer would then cast the “superimposed” magical spell as if it were an “active” state of the victim’s intention, thereby causing the karmic penalties and “backlash” effects (occurring when the energy of an initiated psychic attack returns back onto its originator).”


Beijing Nigredo 

Series of four drawings 

pen, ink and oil on chinese calligraphic paper

120 x 85cm. 


Created during the Red Gate Art Residency, Beijing China

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