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Film & XR projects

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City of Perth and Heritage Reimagined

council house gallery

April - may 2024


I had the distinct honor of collaborating with the City of Perth to pioneer an augmented reality exhibition as part of the WA Heritage Festival 2024. Together, we embarked on a transformative journey to reinterpret the city's rich heritage artwork from its esteemed collection.

Through the innovative lens of augmented reality, we breathed new life into historical masterpieces, inviting audiences to experience the past in a dynamic and interactive way. This groundbreaking exhibition not only celebrated Perth's cultural legacy but also showcased the power of technology to reimagine tradition for a modern audience.

transcendence: XR:WA 

WA Museum Boorla Bardip

Perth Cultural Centre

July 2023


Transcendence emerged as a pioneering venture into the realm of immersive augmented reality (AR) experiences, debuting at the XR:WA festival in July 2023. Hosted by the WA Museum Boorla Bardip in the vibrant Perth Cultural Centre, this exhibition marked a convergence of traditional fine art and groundbreaking digital innovation.

Through an array of captivating AR installations, Transcendence transcended conventional boundaries, offering audiences an unparalleled journey into the realm of the imaginable. Visitors were immersed in a world where the lines between reality and virtuality blurred, inviting them to explore the extended possibilities of original fine art within the digital domain.

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Jeff Martin (The Tea Party) and Seven Deadly Sins

December 2023


I had the privilege of collaborating with the iconic musician Jeff Martin to bring his latest release, 'Seven Deadly Sins,' to life in a groundbreaking way. Through the innovative use of augmented reality, we transformed the album's cover artwork into an immersive experience that transcended traditional boundaries. Working closely with Jeff Martin, we designed an augmented reality artwork that captured the essence of 'Seven Deadly Sins' and brought its visual narrative to vibrant life. Audiences were invited to delve into a world where music and art intersected, blurring the lines between reality and imagination.

This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to pushing creative boundaries and redefining the possibilities of artistic expression. Together with Jeff Martin, we embarked on a journey to captivate audiences in new and unexpected ways, leaving a lasting impression on fans and critics alike.

The Tea Party and The melbourne Symphony Orchestra

hammer hall, Melbourne 2017


In a fusion of musical mastery and visual artistry, the illustrious Hammer Hall in Melbourne bore witness to an unforgettable collaboration between The Tea Party and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra in 2017.


This transcendent event not only marked a convergence of two renowned artistic entities but also provided audiences with a once-in-a-lifetime experience at one of Australia's most esteemed venues.

I had the honour of creating over 20 large-scale animated backdrops for this extraordinary performance.  These captivating visuals served as the perfect complement to the symphonic grandeur unfolding on stage, elevating the concert to new heights of sensory delight.

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